Top Tourist Attractions in Konark

Konark along with Puri and Bhubaneswar collectively known as the Golden Triangle of Odisha. The name Konark is derived from two sanskrit words namely-Kona which means angle & Arka which means Sun. This small town is located near about 60 kms from the capital city Bhubaneswar and 35 kms from the Sankha Kshetra or Puri.

The place is renowned for the Magnificent Sun temple. However, apart from this temple, there are other places which have their own charm, but unfortunately many people are not aware about these beautiful places.

Here are the top tourist attractions in Konark you must visit.

Sun Temple

The Sun Temple in Konark which is also known as the Black Pagoda is undoubtedly one of the top tourist attractions in India & even in the world. This temple is dedicated to the Sun God Surya.

Built in the 13th century by King Narasingha Deva-I of the Ganga Dynasty, this UNESCO world heritage site is a marvelous representation of the Kalinga architecture.

This majestic religious spot shows us why Rabrindranath Tagore remarked “Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man” after his first visit to this masterpiece monument.

The whole temple is conceived as colossal chariot of Sun God Surya is being carried away across the heaven on a twelve paired heavily decorated wheels by seven energetic horses.

You’ll be amazed to see how beautifully the exquisite stone sculptural works has been done on every inches of the temple walls. The sculptural wonders depict many deities, floral patterns, different animals, demons and what not!

Chandrabhaga Sea Beach

Situated on the Bay of Bengal, the peaceful Chandrabhaga sea beach is just 3 kms away from the Sun temple.

Due to its religious and cultural importance, this place has acquired a prominent place in the top tourist attraction site list.

Those who want to be isolated for some hours from all the mundane work schedules & spend some quality solitude moments, then Chandrabhaga sea beach is the place!

People across the world come here to take a dip in the sacred water, offer prayers to the Sun God Surya, see beautiful sunrise & sunsets and enjoy many cultural activities. It’s believed that the water has medicinal properties and cures diseases.

Ramchandi Temple

Located on the mouth of the Kushavadra river which mixes ultimately with the Bay of Bengal, Ramchandi temple is another top tourist attraction in Konark. Here the presided deity is Goddess Ramchandi. It’s one of the most important shakta shrines of Odisha.

Go 7 kms south to the famous Konark temple & on the right side of the marine drive road, you can easily find the temple. Apart from the religious significance, it’s an amazing picnic spot for many people.

There are statues of Sun God on the south, west, and north corner of this temple & the main goddess remains seated on a lotus flower inside.


Kuruma or Kurum is a Buddhist heritage point built between the 9th & 10th Century. You’ll get there by covering a distance of 8 kms to the south-east of the famous Sun temple. It’s a lesser known site but many people mark it among the the top tourist attractions in Konark due to it’s glorifying odishan architecture, religion, culture and history.

It’s an important excavation center and first founded by a local school teacher Mr.Brajabandhu Das. More importantly Hieun Tsang, the popular Chinese Buddhist monk & traveler has mentioned this place in his writings.

Archaeological survey of India museum, Konark

Aechaeological survey of India museum in Konark which is in the north side of the Sun temple, was built in 1968 in a purpose to preserve the architectural relics and the ruined wonderful sculptures of the Sun temple.

Around 260 unique antiques of the famous Konark temple are housed in four galleries of the museum. The first gallery houses 62 antiques, second gallery 108 antiques, and third & fourth gallery 45 antiques each.

Visiting this place is a complementary factor after viewing the great Sun Temple. From the remains, you can imagine how gigantic and beautiful the temple was before it got collapsed to the present structure.


Astaranga—whose literal meaning is “colorful sunset”. This is a small fishing village located near Devi river which is at a distance of 20 kms from Konark Sun temple.

It has a calm long sandy beach known as Pir Jahania beach which attracts innumerable tourists to its lap. Visitors behold the mesmerizing panoramic view of the multi-colored horizon during the sunset.

People especially love to picnic here and to enjoy some lovely moments of togetherness.

Vishnu Temple

Behind Goddess Ramchandi temple, there is another temple which is in the broken stage. It was discovered recently in the year 1995.

You’ll see the temple having broken brick walls with no roof. Moreover there is no presided deity here. But it’s believed that this is dedicated to Lord Vishnu & the pillar at the entry point of the temple is the seat of Garuda who is the cosmic charioteer.


Chaurasi is yet another top tourist attraction in Konark. The place is famous for the Barahi temple which was built in the 9th century during Somavamsi dynasty and is dedicated to the Goddess Barahi.

Situated on the mouth of river Prachi, this prominent shakti pitha of Odisha draws thousands of visitors from different parts of the country. The sculptural figures of various deities and other decorative motifs are truly mesmerizing. You can also visit the beautiful holy shrines of Lord Amareswar & Lord Laxminarayan here in Chaurasi.

Ramchandi Beach

Ramchandi beach is the sangam of River Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal. It’s named after the Konark’s main deity Goddess Ramchandi & only 7 kms away from the Sun temple on the puri-konark marine drive road.

The golden sparkling sands, the serene atmosphere, the cool breeze, the super quiet waves, the huge palm trees, the sweet chirping of birds—each single entity of this beautiful and pristine beach is enough to intoxicate you! It’s the perfect gateway to unwind yourself and spend some quality times. Near to this beach, there are very good budget hotels & resorts where you can stay comfortably and witness the most incredible vistas of sunrise and sunset.

Konark Matha

The Konark matha or monastery is located within the periphery of famous Konark temple.

The important fact about this monastery is here Sunya sadhana is done. Means the void (Nirakara Brahma) is being worshiped rather than any deity. If we believe the things, it’s said that the Samba, the notorious son of Lord Krishna had worshipped the Sun God here to get cured from Leprosy which was the curse of Lord Krishna. So it’s also known as Samba Ashram.


Kakatpur is a small village located on the bank of Prachi river in Puri district and near about 30 kms away from the Sun temple.

This top tourist attraction is famous for Goddess Mangala who plays a prominent part during the Navakalebara festival of Lord Jagannath. A large no. of Pilgrimages from every part of the country visit this divine spot & seek blessings from the Goddess.

Jhamu Yatra is a sacred festival celebrated every year in between the month of April–May and dedicated to the Goddess here. The specialty if this festival is devotees walk barefoot on the surfaces of burning wood charcoal filled in a channel. And surprisingly their feet remain unhurt by the grace of the Goddess.

These are the top tourist attractions in Konark and every place mentioned above can be reached easily. Roads to these places are well connected with national highways. Also finding a budget hotel in Konark is not a problem. Get relaxed there once you reach Konark and then plan your trips at your own comfort.

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