Topless Tanning Comes to the Mirage in Vegas

Why are we so freaked out about this topic. I know, I’m a man and obviously biased (make that very biased). I get that and I’m happily willing to admit it. Now, that that’s out of the way, what’s the big wup? I mean, I’m in the Mediterranean all the time and they seem to have no problem with it. The last time I looked our European counterparts were a heck of a lot hotter than our oversized, fanny pack wearing, fat american white a***s. I mean, really. Tell me if I’m wrong here.

The weird thing about this is we seem to have no problem squeezing over inflated jinormous boobs into a bikini but god forbid we see a nipple. Maybe that’s it. Is it the nipple we can’t handle? I can’t figure this thing out. I know, I know Im a guy. But, what about all those European women that have no charge with letting it all hang out and going au naturale? Are they just all floozies and we’re the civilized bunch?

Well, which ever way you stand on this, it seems that the Mirage hotel in Vegas has spoken. They say “let’s give the people what they want”. They just opened up a super sexy private pool called Bare. Everyone loves a cool pool party, right? What better way to pass the time than bikini’s and booze. The Bare Pool lounge is a totally adult venue (better get that out of the way before the puritans start screaming). Bare is the ultimate in poolside pampering. DJ spinning music mix sets against a hot sexy crowd enjoying European-style sun bathing secluded by towering palms.

Bare, offers an exclusive adult alternative to the typical Las Vegas pool experience. There are two ultra luxury dipping pools that create a break from the hot Vegas sun. Private day beds and what they call boat beds top off the ultimate in poolside pampering. They also have this really cool pitcher service, for pre-mixed cocktails, like Mojitos, Bloody Marys and Sangria that are served in this specially made pitcher that is guaranteed to keep your drinks ice cold all day.

The pool area is laid out really well. They have two decks an upper and a lower. The upper deck has an infinity pool, private VIP area that overlooks the Mirage’s dolphin habitat. The lower decks are the elevated daybeds that are perfect for lounging with friends and sunbathing. These private cabanas have curtain walls and bottle service that give new meaning to “what happens in vegas….”.

If your in Las Vegas it is definitely worth it to take the time to check out Bare. Girls- if you decide to chicken out at the last minute and decide to Al Americano as opposed to au naturale- I’m sure no one will hold it against you. Guys- if you go with your girl perhaps you could take the “when in Rome” attitude.Go have fun and let it all hang out. I suppose the slot machines are always a safe alternative as well.

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