Tour And Travels – UAE Visa Types

Every country has its limitation or called boundary. To across one country there are required to have documents called visa that contain identity and useful information related to your work.

What is visa?

This is document containing your task and other personal information while going to other countries. This is provided by embassy of respective country located at your nearest location.

Every country has own visa type based on work and living status. For getting UAE visa there are some visa types and some process related to get approved visa.

Tourist Visa: With special visa type, this is for visiting UAE for individual tourist from west, east Europe who are not issued along with coming from China, South Africa and Thailand. Tourist visa must be sponsored by Hotels and tour operators would be applicable to 30 days only with non-renewable process. Tourist visa is available with Dh100 along with Dh10 Fees.

Transit Visa: Person from Europe to US to Asia, or Africa and passing through UAE, then you would get special visa for 90hrs. You must have valid airline ticket along with sponsored by Airline. This visa is non-chargeable.

Visit Visa: All visitors who are not Gulf Corporation Council wish to stay longer than 14 days, in the UAE must obtain visa by sponsored. The sponsor may be travel agency, hotels, company or department in which you are doing business. In case of personal visit, citizen of UAE may be sponsor for you.

Entry Service Permit: A special visa type entry service permit called as 14 day stay is available for businessmen and tourist for staying 14 days. Permit must be sponsored by company or hotels licensed in the UAE.

Multiple Entry Visa: a businessmen tourist who have relationship with company in UAE and use to visit frequently UAE has this option. With validation of 6 months and each time 30 days limits. With visa cost of Dh100, visitor must enter in UAE on visit visa and get multiple entry visa.

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