Tourist Attractions in the Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands is popular for its legendary beaches and world-class diving. It is an ideal destination for those who seek peace and tranquillity. This destination is all about snow-white beaches and its clear emerald waters that are surrounded by mangrove forests. The Andaman Islands prove be the best destination if you’re a beach lover and an avid explorer. Here, you can explore the hidden treasures of the Andamans. The population in the Andamans is mix of South and Southeast Asian settlers, as well as a few Negrito ethnic groups, all of whom are friendly. The Andaman Islands include a few of the most famous tourist attractions that must be a part of your Andaman tour package. Here below is a list of them:

Kalipur Beach:

The Anadaman Islands houses over a thousand turtles during their nesting periods. The turtle nesting takes place at two of the most famous places, namely Kalipur beach and the Ramnagar beach. This beach particularly, nests four kinds of turtles. They are the Leatherback Turtle, Olive Ridley, Green Turtles and Hawksbill. The nesting period begins around December and lasts till February. Post this nesting period, the eggs are picked by forest officials and buried safely for hatching purpose. The hatching process generally takes about 45 days, after which the baby turtles are released into the sea. Kalipur is one beach that offers you a sight of the releasing of turtles into their natural habitat. One can visit this beach anytime of the year, but however, if you are travelling any time from December to February, the Kalipur beach must be a part of your Andaman tour package.


Diglipur is a destination which most travellers love to explore in the Andaman Islands, as this destination offers a variety of things for all kinds of people. Beautiful Islands, pristine beaches, volcanoes and massive caves are the things Diglipur has to offer. Among many other beaches, the Lamiya Bay Beach is the most famous beach and is known for its vast shore with brown sands and rocks that give the sea a different look. The water is clear turquoise and makes the beach look lovely. One could also have a glimpse of an assortment of dead corals on its shore. This beach in Diglipur will leave you peace with a melodious sound of the dashing waves. Diglipur is also known for housing the limestone Alfred Caves that are considered as nature’s gift to the Andamans. The route to these caves is quite convenient, even though, one would need to trek through a thick forest. The limestone caves however, change their shapes during the monsoon season, due to which, most of these caves are inaccessible. The Alfred Caves are also known as the habitat to Swiftlet birds.

Havelock Island:

The Havelock Island is the most beautiful Island in the Andamans. This Island owns many beaches of which the Kala Pathar beach and Radhanagar beach are very famous. The Kala Pathar beach is a small beautiful beach with silvery sands and turquoise waters, making the place look quite exotic. This beach doesn’t attract many travellers; however, it does invite a few who like enjoying the view or relax by the sea-side. On the contrary, the Radhanagar beach is known for its wide-spread and snow-white sandy beach that is surrounded with lush green tropical trees on one side and emerald waters on the other. The Havelock Islands offer visitors some of the best diving in South Asia and also has a reputation as a backpacker’s paradise.

The Andaman Islands is an exhilarating destination to explore. Apart from the beaches, the Andaman Islands have a lot more to offer for those who like sightseeing. However, there are various Andaman tour packages, but these mentioned places must be a part of your Andaman tour package.

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