Tourist Attractions in the City of Durban South Africa

Durban offers a variety of historical places of interest to visit in between trips to the beach.

Maritime Museum:

Learn more about Durban’s seafaring tradition as you would through the various interesting ships on display, including the 75-year old coal-fired Ulundi. See also the 38-year old JR Moore which with its oil-burning engine worked as a tugboat in the harbour, or the SAS Durban, a 42-year old naval minesweeper.

Take a walk through the Britannia Exhibition Hall to learn about the whole nautical experience, from communication systems to weather prediction to star navigation. The children will love exploring the ships while you learn more about Durban’s maritime history.

Township Tours:

Siphiwe Kunene runs township tours from Durban to KwaMashu Township. (Here’s a titbit of info for you: KwaMashu means the Place of Mashu – and Mashu was the Zulu name for Sir Marshall Campbell, the sugar magnate who introduced the rickshaw to Durban). Siphiwe’s tours will introduce you to magnates of different kinds.

You’ll get to experience township life in the sprawling suburbs of Mashu’s Place, visit a shebeen, meet a sangoma (diviner), be diagnosed by an inyanga (herbalist) and eat some delicious township food. What is unique about this tour is that Siphiwe is a Kwa-Ma-shoe-shoe himself, so there’ll be no-one better to give you the inside edge.

uShaka marine world:

A trip to this kaleidascope of adventure and entertainment is a must for any visitor to Durban, and at least a day is needed to enjoy it in its entirety. At the centre you will find Sea and Dolphin world, comprising of a large aquarium and dolphin stadium where you will be entertained by the antics of the dolphins, seals and penguins.

Children will love the rock touch pool, while the more adventurous can dive into the tanks of the offshore rocky reef exhibit. Next to the main complex you will find Beach World, where adventure seekers can enjoy non-stop activities such as windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, charters and more.

The complex’s Wet ‘n Wild World also offers great water entertainment for the whole family, from swimming pools and river rides to a supertubes and a rollercoaster. With all this on offer it will be no surprise if you don’t find time to enjoy uShaka Marine World’s shopping and restaurants – there really is something for everyone at uShaka Marine World!

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