Tourist Spots in Raipur

Raipur is a very historic place in India. The tourists here are drawn to the many beautiful attractions the city has to offer.

Raipur was once the capital city of all the powerful kingdoms of India. But this faded during the time where the reigning dynasty lost to a very strong force against them. It was the same time that Raipur has been in the state of Chattisgarh.

Today, majority of the visitors are business travelers who aim to get a glimpse of the city’s colorful history. Only a few leisure travelers come in the city. Businessmen survey and analyze the potentiality and profitability of the area. It could be a business with the government or to other private industries.

At the same time, they are taken for a wild ride down the glorious days of the city as recounted by the locals of Raipur. These Indians would also talk proudly about the many temples and lakes only seen in their city. The tourists never fail to admire their hospitality.

Raipur is known to be the City of Lakes. These beautiful bodies of water once served an important part in history. It still continues to please the new generation. It is a must to see the lake of Kankali Talab which is near the temple of Kankali, the Maharajabandh Lake, and the Telibandha Lake.

There are many other lakes worth seeing in Raipur. The once mentioned here are just a few examples that should be well remembered because role in the history of Raipur.

There are also historical temples with magnificent structures and interiors. These are KanKali, Budheshwar, Virenchi, Samlai, RajBramha, and Mahamaya Temple.

The temples best embody the history of Raipur. The unique structures say a lot about the creativity of past generations. The suggested time for visitors to come here is between October and March. This is winter time, and walking along these temples will be more convenient if it is not too hot.

Raipur has a lot of vacation packages to offer its visitors. There are different kinds of visitors why they offer different kinds of packages for them. These packages offer a lot of tours to all the historic place of Raipur. This includes the historical site, monument, architecture and other places with scenic beauties.

Budhatalab and Kho Kho Lake are also pleasant to see. The waters have a calming effect on the visitors. This is where the people of Raipur got their water. why visitors can be sure that the water here is clean enough. This was built in 1402 by the emperor of Kalchuri who was King Bramhadev.

Doodhari Monastery (MATH) is a temple that was built in the 17th century. This is in the banks of Maharajbandh River. This was invented from the donation of land and resources that was done by the Bhonsle emperors.

Mahadev Ghat was created in the year 1402. This is a temple with a unique design, made out of the monumental script of emperor Bramhadev of Kalchuri.

The Mahakoshal Art Gallery is near the D. K. Hospital. This is an octagonal building that displays the masterpieces of various local talents. It also houses old works from the renowned Raipur people.

There are many more offered here. Although most of their visitors in this place are business travelers, they have been happy because they have visited the place. The place offers all types of places that can be visited by both business and leisure travelers.

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