Travel essentials for every Backpacking Beginner

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Summer is here and you can’t wait to take that next big trip. You have always been a globetrotter, and exploring new places is something that you never compromised on.

All of your friends seems to be raving about their recent treks and hikes, and you wonder if living out a backpack is for you too! And so, you plan your 4 day camping trip.

Since, it is your first trip it is important to be prepared, starting with knowing all the gear that you need in your backpack, and that does not accommodate as spaciously as your suitcase!

Living out of a hotel room seems luxurious, when you get to pull your luggage around from the airport to the room, while you can walk around free. When it comes to camping, your backpack is your best friend and you can only pack what you truly need.

Here are some essentials that you shouldn’t miss out on when preparing for your first backpacking trip:

  • Easy to Wear Clothes

Choose clothes that don’t need to be ironed, are well fitted to your comfort and take least space. Instead of denims, try slacks or leggings. A loose shirt, two t-shirts, a tee-back, 1 pair of lycra shorts and swimwear is all you need. Your clothes need not be fancy at camp but useful, to be able to maneuver through woods.

Darker colour shorts and leggings will not look as dirty when worn for 3 days, neither will t-shirts and shirts. Use material like lycra, spandex or semi cotton, it’s easy to dry and folds up in a small set. Instead of a pullover, take a throw on jacket.

  • Sunglasses

Your eyes need to be protected while you see clearly on your trek or hike, and a good pair of prescription sunglasses is must. Pick sport full rimmed sunglasses and try getting them online, as you get great offers on designer glasses. Sport Sunglasses are compact, some even foldable and come in dust resistant coating, they also sport wraparound arms for a secure fit.

  • Throw on Sandals

Keep a spare pair of sandals to throw on, you cant be wearing shoes all the time. It’s easier to explore the campsite than tying your shoelaces all the time. Some sandals can be worn even while you take a dip in the nearby lake plus they look fancy too, not to forget comfort!

  • Bottles

You must stay hydrated at all times, and a good metal or silicone water bottle will do you good. You get bottles that have a harness, to attach to your waist or your backpack, while some backpacks have a side pouch to hold it. Try something that is lighter so it’s easy to carry.

Use travel bottles when it comes to your toiletries, or carry sachets that can be stored easily, using ziplocks is also a cost effective idea.

  • Accessories

Portable charger, Lighter, Torch and a Swiss knife are all the accessories that you need to wade through the grass. You don’t want to be stuck in your tent with your quilt if you can’t light that fire right, or imagine going hungry because you can’t open that tuna can!

You can find them at any convenience store, and most of them are quite concise in size. Make sure you have a go to sling bag to store all these!

  • Cutlery

Carry metal cups and plastic forks to eat without being sloppy. Metal cups can be used for morning coffee and dinner soup, while plastic forks can be discarded right away instead of tagging along. Camping metal cups and pots can be cooked in too, like a quick ramen or to boil eggs.

Besides that, the last essential is your will, to be able to pull this camping through like a pro! Travel light, pack your guts and delve into an adventure that gives you nature at its best! You can be talking about the crickets you spoke to or the tent that you couldn’t put up! Which story is going to be yours, backpacker?

Danny White Author