Travelling Solo: Why you Should Do it!

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Most people love the idea of traveling but they would never dare do it alone. Why is that so? Well, we all have our fears which to be honest, are mostly unfounded. The most common thing I have heard is, “it is unsafe and I could never do it alone.” Or, “I would get bored!” I thought so to until I took my forst solo trip to India. What followed was assurance that as long as I have my research perfected, then I would never get bored. Also, you could be unsafe anywhere, including your home. Why not be unsafe while doing something amazing?

  • Start with a Tour

You don’t have to jump right in if you are scared of getting started. Look out for tours to places you would like to go then join that team. Your first time will be surrounded by others seeking the same adventure, but the biggest reward will be the induction you will get. I did a group tour to three countries in Africa because I wanted to venture into the continent better later, and that was the smartest thing I did. This initial trip gave me the courage to go back to the continent two years later, and this time I ventured into 6 countries all by myself.

  • Be Vigilant

Most people will be unsafe for breaking rules they shouldn’t have in the first place. Anyone knows the dangers of walking home at midnight in a place you are not familiar with. I get it, the adrenaline rush, the guts after a night of drinking. This false bravado could cause you lots of trouble and for me, the general avoidance rule is drinking too much. Also, I make friends with locals wherever I go – or fellow travelers – to ensure that I have buddies to walk with at night if I need to.  

  • Shun the Loneliness

Solo travel is only lonely if you are afraid of striking conversations with strangers. When I started, I was afraid if this too as I am an introvert. In India, I met people from all walks of life and while starring into beautiful spaces in Ooty, this gutsy woman approached me and started a beautiful conversation. I overcame my fear this way and now, I will be the one that chats people anywhere.

Researching the places you intend to go is also a major boost to your itinerary. You won’t get bored if you already have a list of things to see and places to visit. The fact that so many people are taking to travel also means you are likely to bump into many travel enthusiasts.  

  • Not Enough Money

Most of us believe in cost sharing. Well, sometimes team-travel does cut the cost, but what if you can’t get quorum? If you do your research properly, then you will know how much to expect in expenditure and how much to save for your solo adventure.

Solo travel is liberating. If you like your personal space and being the boss, then you will prefer being alone to travelling in a team where you have to consult for every decision.

Paul Petersen Author