Trends in Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding bands are as varied these days as the men who are wearing them. Gone are the simple gold and silver bands. Now you can find wedding rings for men in a variety of styles, metals, and designs. Here are some of the most popular trends, including tungsten jewelry, for men’s wedding rings this year:

Platinum Rings

Platinum is a really sturdy metal that can stand up to tough physical wear. Platinum can also be molded into a variety of styles without affecting its integrity. Brushed platinum is a very popular choice for its soft and smooth feel.

Carbon Fiber Bands

Carbon fiber inlays give a dark, sophisticated look to men’s wedding bands. Tungsten jewelry is also on the rise, and similar in appearance to carbon fiber. Both tungsten jewelry and carbon fiber give an edgy look to wedding bands.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold gives a lovely warm look which is flattering on all skin tones. It is made of a combination of gold and copper. It comes in a variety of different shades, depending on how subtle or strong you want the color to be. A great timeless look with a striking color for your wedding band.

Beveled Edges

Rings with beveled edges tend to have a center that is much smoother and more polished with the thin beveled outside edge looking more shiny with a pleasant glow. Some beveled edges come in a contrasting color whereas those who want a more classic look choose a metal that is a similar color. Gold is always a popular choice, but silver and tungsten are popular as well. A great option for those who want to have different colors on their ring and an interesting texture around the band.

Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend

Diamonds look great on men and women, but men prefer to wear diamonds differently on their rings. They tend to have them flush with the band, which also keeps them very secure and safe from wear and tear. Gypsy and channel-set diamonds, round or square, are quite popular with the grooms these days. Men also prefer a bit of color in their diamonds – black, yellow, and champagne are all popular choices for grooms.


Today’s grooms are sensible and hard-working. They need a ring that won’t cramp their finger or their style. For this reason, many men’s rings are designed with comfort in mind. The ring’s interior is curved, not flat. The bottom of the ring is tapered to handle any friction that might come its way.

Whatever your style, there is a ring for every groom out there. You can have a dazzling array of styles, metals, gems, and finishes. It’s a good time to be a groom.