Tupperware Business Review

Tupperware started with items primarily used for storage of food items, so that these remained fresh. However, presently its range of products also includes an assortment of items for Food preparation, cookware and serving. The Company was started in 1946. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tupperware Brand Corporation.

Tupperware moved on to Europe in 1960 and from then on in many other parts of the World. Company’s products are now available in nearly 100 countries. Tupperware has gotten quite large in Australia as well as Canada, however no matter where you are in the world, the opportunity is pretty much the same. Lets review the products as well as the opportunity.

Tupperware products include-

Cook’s Tools (Choppers, grinders and mixers, salt and Pepper Shakers, Peelers, Spatulas, Can openers, Ice cream Scoops etc)

Microwave Items for reheating, steaming and serving food items and meals easily.

Items for carrying Food for kids, office goers, out door workers and traveling etc. Items for serving ie bowls, plates, tumblers and the like.

Items for refrigerating different food stuffs like sandwiches, cakes, soups and so on, saving space.

Items for Storage and easy access for cereals, cookies, bread etc.

Cutlery and Cookware: Saute and sauce, stock and Fry pans, cutlery and so many other items.

Doubts have been expressed and there is debate on the safety of use of Polycarbonate containers for storing food items. US Food and Drug Administration, as also similar agencies in the UK, Japan and other countries have carried out tests and confirmed that these storage devices are safe. Tupperware also carries out full testing in house to ensure safety of its products.

Tupperware products are mostly sold through Party Plans. Hosts invite guests to their homes for a party and Tupperware consultants help organize the events. These parties can also be in schools, work place etc. The hosts are awarded free products based on sales made during the party.

Tupperware items are also available in stores and can be purchased on line.

In conclusion, Tupperware is a legitimate business that has been on the scene for sometime now. That being said, it is still a MLM or multi level marketing opportunity. With a MLM you are typically encouraged to start prospecting within your family and friends and often asked to attend hotel meetings. You may also be encouraged to have meetings in your home to promote the opportunity or the products. It is up to you to determine if you see yourself working within this type of system.”

As always, Good Luck out There!

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