Unusual Vacation Ideas: 5 Museums All About Food

Museums are located in many cities in the United States and they have diverse subject matter. Museums often focus on art, history or music. But, did you know that some museums are dedicated entirely to food? If you’re planning a culinary vacation, then adding in a visit to a food museum can be an interesting way to learn something new. There are quite a few food museums located in the United States that a person could visit to discover about the history, facts and trivia of food.

The Idaho Potato Museum is a traveling museum that is currently located in New Mexico. This museum originated in 1975 in Belgium, and is the first museum dedicated to the potato. The Idaho Potato Museum features exhibits such as art depicting soldiers peeling potatoes, exhibits showing how potatoes grow, and exhibits showing the importance of the potato throughout the world. As with most museums, the Idaho Potato Museum has an online store where visitors can purchase apparel and other items to show they had visited the Idaho Potato Museum.

The Jello Gallery is located in LeRoy, New York. This museum is open year round and is accessible for visitors confined to wheelchairs. The Jello Gallery focuses on the history of Jello and Jello trivia. There is also an exhibit in the museum that showcases Jello spokespeople throughout the history of Jello. There are many items dedicated to Jello, and the Jello Gallery is home to a gift shop where visitors can purchase Jello memorabilia, cookbooks, and Jello apparel.

Austin, Minnesota is home to the Spam Museum. The Spam Museum is free of charge and open year-round. Exhibits in the Spam Museum include a World War Two exhibit about Spam, an interactive game show exhibit, a Spam diner, and movies about the history and uses of Spam. The Spam Museum allows visitors to learn about a locally made product while having fun.

The Mustard Museum is located in Middleton, Wisconsin. This museum pays homage to the many varieties of mustard. There are over 5,000 varieties of mustard from all over the world on display in the Mustard Museum. This museum features a newsletter that is published on Tuesdays. People not able to visit this museum can view the newsletter online. The Mustard Museum also celebrates National Mustard Day in August. At this festival, visitors can expect mustard games, music, free hot dogs, and free samples of mustard. Inside the museum, visitors can purchase unique mustard varieties for their own personal mustard collections.

While traveling through the state of Washington, people can visit the Washington Banana Museum. This unique museum has many different banana artifacts from various countries. A visitor can expect to see items such as a banana carved from bone, banana posters, and toys for children shaped like bananas. The Washington Banana Museum has no admission charge for visitors. There is no gift shop at this museum, but visitors to the Washington Banana Museum will be able to learn about the history of the banana at this unique food museum.

Museums throughout the world showcase any number of fascinating subjects — including food. Whether learning about Jello, Spam, bananas, mustard, or potatoes, foodies on vacation will enjoy these memorable museums.

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