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I acquired some of the cookware over the summer and I like IT. I saw a demonstration / sales spiel at the California state fair and I was sold. I was worried though, that when I got home, and I attempted to use it that it wouldn’t work as well as it did at the show. Or that it wouldnt be the same, but it was. It is seriously the best purchase I have made. It cost a lot, doubtless. I spent just over 2k generally set. With that being said, I use it constantly, it works incredbily well. The DVD that comes with it is great in showing you the simplest way to use it. My only problem is trying to discover ways to better use it, more recipes for example.

My wife Silvia and I try and cook in a healthy style always. Most of what we eat is Latin style cooking. The trick is to use lean meats and trim the fat. She lets the natural liquid from the veggies and beef be the liquid for cooking on the stove. The multi-element steam control cookware lends itself naturally to this. With any recipe with beef, and veg including potatoes, just braise the beef ( no oil or water obligatory ) 30-60 seconds on each side, top with the veggies cover and when beginning to steam a little close the steam control valve. This allows the heat to distribute quickly and uniformly to the point that you can even stack the pans and cook other goodies on top of the first pan and have the same heat distribution. If you do go this way, you will find cooking fast, straightforward and in a style that preserves virtually all of the nutrients and vitamins.

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The best waterless cookware Huge Discounts!

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