Ways to get rid of mice at home

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House cleaning

Cleaning the house is the first step in getting rid of the mice. This requires a thorough inspection of the existing food cover and keeping it properly, as well as disposing of all the waste and ensuring that the containers are well closed. It is also important to look for any possible entrances to the mice. The small size, and lose all parts of the house and the courtyard to find it, and then find the appropriate way to cover and close tightly. [1]

Rat traps

Mice traps are one of the most commonly used methods of getting rid of mice at home. They vary in form, but are based on one principle: killing mice slowly, sometimes up to a week, causing great pain for the mouse. The use of toxic substances may cause damage to pets in the house, but on the other hand there are some types of traps that are described as humanitarian, because they kill the mouse immediately, and taking into account the use of traps to be inspected from time to time; to prevent the death of mouse and spread Great His bad breath in the air [2]

Natural methods

Some of the natural ingredients can be used to get rid of mice at home, including: [3]

Cloves: Placing a handful of cloves in a sock near the rat’s entry holes will cause expulsion, because the rats get rid of that odor.

Ammonia: The mice escape from strong odors such as ammonia. This liquid can be used near their place of disposal.

Peppermint oil: The use of cotton balls moistened with mint oil and put them where the mice can be expelled. This process requires the replacement of cotton balls after several days of use.


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