Wearing Safety Equipment Can Save You From A Fatal Bike Accident in Los Angeles

California is home to many cyclists who enjoy the sunny outdoors and the opportunity to get some exercise while they travel. However, in Los Angeles “a city known for its high volume traffic on the road” there are over 1200 bike accidents each year.

While cycling in Los Angeles is considered by many to be just as safe as walking, it can be much more hazardous if you fail to use proper safety equipment while riding. Without proper lighting, a non-collision can quickly turn to a serious bike accident. Without a helmet or other safety gear, a serious bike accident can turn too quickly into a tragedy.

In 2006, there were 1260 reported bike accidents in Los Angeles where the cyclist was injured. Out of the 1260 recorded incidents, only 184 cyclists were using safety equipment while 1076 failed to do so. Out of the 11 fatal bike accidents in Los Angeles that year, not even one cyclist was using the required safety equipment; undoubtedly contributing to the seriousness of the collision.

When considering all 58 fatal bike accidents that occurred in Los Angeles from 2000-2006, only 7 cyclists were wearing safety gear. It makes you wonder how many lives could have been saved if the cyclists were using proper safety equipment.

Every cyclist should understand what safety equipment they need in order to ride on the roads of Los Angeles. It is vitally important, as the statistics show, to not only use preventative equipment such as reflectors and bright lights, but to also use equipment that protects you in case of a bike accident such as a helmet, gloves, or padding.

The more visible you are while cycling in Los Angeles, the less likely you are to be involved in a bike accident. While bright colors and reflective strips might not be your style, they’ll look much better on you than bandages or a cast. Beyond that, having a well-maintained bike that is highly maneuverable will help you avoid dangerous obstacles and escape unexpected situations.

With so many bike accidents happening in California each year, it is important for you to do your part in keeping the roads safe for everybody in Los Angeles. Safety equipment was made for one reason alone; to prevent injuries that may occur due to a bike accident. Make sure you put your helmet on and use proper gear at night so you won’t run a high risk of being seriously injured while biking in Los Angeles.

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