What are Most Popular Tourists Attractions at Istanbul Turkey?

Istanbul is a city of note. It boasts many historical and other attractive places of tourist’s interest. These attractions are diverse and plentiful. The city is a perfect blend of old and modern. Old Istanbul has many ancient sites including;Byzantine ruins, splendid palaces, ancient mosques and churches, hamams, and markets, while Modern Istanbul is boasting trendy bars and nightclubs, western boutiques, office blocks, and elegant suburbs. It does not let any visitor get bored off. Every one taking Istanbul flights will get some thing to enjoy there. A few most popular ancient attractions include;

Hagia Sophia: It is a former Byzantine church and former Ottoman mosque in Istanbul rebuilt in 532 and 537. It served as a model for the later built mosques such as; the Blue Mosque, the Suleiman Mosque, the Shehzade Mosque and the Rustem Pasha Mosque. Crowds of visitors book Istanbul flights from UK to visit this splendid mosque. These flights may be reserved with Travel Company Istanbul flights This mosque is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest buildings of the world. It is a building with beautiful architecture. In addition to inside attractions of the mosque outsides are also very interesting to feast the eyes of visitors taken flights to Istanbul including; including three mausoleums of sultans, the church’s baptistery, and the excavated remains of Theodosius’ Hagia Sophia.

Blue Mosque: The historical Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also known as Blue Mosquecomprising a tomb of the founder, a madrasah and a hospice. It is built between 1609 and 1616 on the site of the Great Palace of Byzantium. Huge volumes of visitors take cheap Istanbul flights to visit this splendid building and fine example of Islamic Art. It is known as Blue Mosque because of its bluish interior decoration. The mosque is generally open to visitors during day time.

Topkapi Palace: This Palace Magnificently situated on one of the seven hills of Istanbul. The palace has some beautiful apartments, halls and terraces of the harem, and the lavish royal bedchamber and Imperial Hall to attract flights to Istanbul turkey. The Topkapi Palace Museum is claimed to have world’s greatest collection of historical treasure. A large number of people reserve their cheap Istanbul Turkey flights from UK.

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