What Are The California Car Insurance Regulations?

There are three types of California Car insurance policy to meet the minimum legal requirement of State law. These are Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Third Party Insurance. When you choose to avail cheap California Car Insurance, rest assured that they have these policies for you.

Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance policy is the most expensive automobile insurance because its coverage is wide and flexible. It does not require that the other party is at fault in order to claim against the insurance company.

There are several types of auto insurance, including California Car Insurance. The first type is Property Damage and Liability. If you are at fault, this type of insurance covers the expenses for repair or replacement of the car with whom you had car accident with.

There are several cheap California auto insurance companies that offer this type of insurance coverage. Even when they are already cheap, insurance quotes are even more competitive. Hence, your job is to look for one which offers the cheapest insurance premium while not compromising the services it should render when necessity arises.

The second type of coverage in car insurance is Bodily Injury Liability. Still, when you are at fault in the accident, California auto insurance shoulders the expenses for any injury or even death of a person resulting from the accident. 

California Car Insurance companies know the cause and effect of any car accident. They have studied all angles and analyzed any circumstance, which is why car insurance rates are reasonably competitive. Cheap California Auto insurance companies offer the best car insurance there is.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage is the third type of auto insurance. This is helpful in situations in which the other party is at fault, however, for some reasons cannot cover the expenses himself. For your part, this insurance will compensate you.

For its part, if you purchase this type of California Car Insurance, it does not cover all other events like what the other insurance policies do. Also, this policy is at most purchased by owners whose car is very old and of no value at all just like almost a junk car.

There is another type of auto insurance and it is termed as Specialized Car Insurance, mainly because it is customized for cars of 25 years and older. Such cars are considered classic and calls for a type of insurance that covers the conditions very common of classic cars.

Commonly, many States require live policy for auto insurance before the car is registered to the driver’s or owner’s name. Each type of auto insurance is created for a purpose. Although it is a State law to have insurance at minimum coverage, it is still advisable to be equipped with good California car insurance coverage for emergency.

If you are held liable for car collision and your auto insurance covers the car repair of the aggrieved party, who shall cover the expenses for your car repair? Well, if you choose to avail the Collision coverage from California Car insurance, the question is deemed answered.

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