What Do The Different Colored Passports Represent?

For many generations, passports have been helping people connect with other people from all around the world. With a passport, you can see just how different the people and places of the world are. However, despite the frequency of its use, very few people have a good amount of knowledge about the passport. There is a seemingly endless amount of rules when it comes to passports, such as how to handle a damaged passport, but there are some fun things to know as well. For example, have you noticed all the colors that passports come in? Many people don’t, so here’s a quick overview.

Passports come in a whole array of different colors. However, these colors aren’t just to look at, and they aren’t optional either. The color of a passport represents a certain status of the person holding it. You most likely own the dark blue passport. This passport is reserved for issuance to regular citizens of the Unites States. If you are 18 or older, your passport is valid for 10 years, but if you are younger, then it’s only valid for five. Another passport color is maroon or dark red, which you might see at an airport. These passports are reserved for those traveling on official US government business, but this doesn’t include diplomatic business, as that has it’s own color. US military and their families are frequent holders of a maroon passport, and they are valid for five years.

The black passport is the one used for people who are traveling on diplomatic missions. When this passport is used, it tells the people at the airport that they are diplomatically immune. This means that the person is free from search of his person or property, free from getting arrested, and free from delays or detention. Just like the maroon ones, these passports are valid for five years.

Additionally, there is a green colored passport. This passport is a little different from the others. The green passport is like a special-edition passport, as it was created to mark the 200 year anniversary of the US Consular Service. In the passport there is a one-page commemoration to none other than Ben Franklin. You will most likely not see one of these being used at the airport, as by 1994, they weren’t being made anymore.

The last color passport is the blue-green one. There are a couple types of blue-green passport, but they both are used by those who are not yet full citizens of the US. For example, there is the Travel Document, which also goes by Refugee Travel Document or Refugee Passport. These are for aliens who are either refugees or asylees. Basically, a refugee is someone who fears persecution in their home country and therefore flees. An asylee is either just incapable or unable to go back to their country, or they are unwilling to do so. The Reentry Permit is pretty self-explanatory. It is reserved for permanent resident aliens who are looking to reenter the country. All of this information is only a little bit of what there is to know about passports. There are other things to know, such as why someone might need a passport name change for instance.

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