What does the famous dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi offer to the tourists?

It is very important that people get the true taste of the local life. So, this is the best way of knowing the place better. For those people who like to travel to new places which are rich in culture and heritage, the city of Abu Dhabi is an ideal one to them. The more someone travels and explores the city, the more they will love its beauty and get entangled in the cities with unending charm. The city offers an exciting adventure in the form of a dhow cruise to the people.

An overview of this exciting boat ride

The Dhow Cruise in Abu Dhabi is one of the major attractions of the city. There are different companies who provide and organize this boat ride to tourists as well as visitors. The city has a huge reputation of presenting the visitors a unique mixture of mystery, romance, as well as unimaginable happiness with this excellent boat trip. So, this is one of the most exciting things which any traveler must check out while they are in the city. The service can be availed both during the day as well as the night. However, most people like to experience the city’s nightlife through this boat tour.

People who want to experience something unique as well as interesting then the dhow cruise is the best one for them. This boating trip serves as an excellent recreational facility for people, who want to go on an enchanting boat ride under the night sky, exploring the aura of the majestic city. They can get lost in the city’s undying charm and also replenish themselves with some excellent dinner and other remarkable services offered on the trip. So, this boat trip serves as an excellent tourist attraction and offer people an experience of a lifetime.

What exactly are Dhows?

They are simply wooden vessels that had originated in Saudi Arabia. These ships were earlier used by Dubai for transporting heavy things such as vegetables, fruits along with numerous other things that were imported from countries like India, Pakistan, and East Africa, etc. There are different kinds of such ships available.

The city offers an exciting way to let their tourists enjoy the splendid city and get amazed with its architectures, through this boat ride. A tourist can view some spectacular views of the city both during the day as well as the night time. So, one can enjoy a lovely and romantic evening with their partner or spouse in this boat. 

Some notable facilities provided by the vessel

After boarding the ship, tourists can be sure of viewing some of the most spectacular as well as famous landmarks of the city. The most remarkable ones among them are the Sheikh Zayed Vila. The boat tour also offers its visitors with an array of delicious international buffet dinner along with an ear soothing and beautiful Arabian music as well as conventional Arabic coffee. These are some of the most beautiful things which one can experience on this boat trip and will surely cherish them later.

The other beautiful landmarks which a tourist will be able to see while on The Dhow Cruise in Abu Dhabi is the beautiful artificial Island of Lulu, Jubel Ali as well as the towering skyscrapers which could leave a visitor gazing at them with wonder. A tourist can also view the stunning Corniche which is a popular walkway that is present in the city, and the place is lined with fountains, domes, towers, minarets, etc. The magnificent Al Hosn Palace serves to be one of the most remarkable places which a person will be able to view while traveling in this vessel.

How to book a Dhow cruise?

There are numerous ways of booking this popular attraction of the city. People can book them instantly by reaching the place. During non-holiday seasons a tourist can book them instantly on the spot and hope to experience this remarkable attraction. However, it is best to book them by doing an advance booking through the internet. This will increase the chances of getting the ride hassle-free, and also customers can get some discounts or lucrative benefits if they book online. 

There is also another way of booking this major attraction of the city of Abu Dhabi. People can contact various tourism companies that deal there and who offers this incredible attraction in their packages. So, these tourism companies will do the rest and tourists can enjoy it with their family. This boat ride is one of the best things to experience in this city. 

Summary – The boat trip is one of the most famous attractions of the city. People need to book them through various sources and enjoy this attractive ride.

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