What the heart valve surgery is all about?

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It is often heart that you need to choose the best hospital for heart valve replacement in India. The main reason that can be attributed to this could be that it appears to be a complex form of surgery at an initial glance. Basically it appears to be a procedure where the non performing heart valve is being replaced with a mechanical or an artificial valve. There are 4 major valves in our heart. Any defect in their mode of functioning would ensure that the blood flows forwards or backwards. Sometimes it can be in the opposite direction of the blood flow. It could lead to a variety of problems like chest pain or heart failure.

The main cause of heart failure is CHD that is present from the time of birth along with heart valve disease. The surgery that is undertaken is an open heart surgery and it would mean removing the defective heart valve. This you are going to replace it with a new valve. In case of the biological ones that is going to serve you for around 15 years and then you might have to replace it

What happens before the heart valve surgery is undertaken?

A series of tests along with consultation is necessary before you need to go for a heart valve replacement surgery. Most of the patients are likely to have blood tests, X rays along with physical examinations to determine their overall health and how suitable they are for the procedure.

In the last couple of weeks before the surgery the patients are asked not to take medicines like aspirin and to be away from smoking or drinking. Before the surgery is about to take place the patient might be asked to fast for a few hour till a general dose of anaesthesia is provided.

If a patient is suffering from any complex condition it does make sense to opt for a second opinion before they begin the course of treatment. A second opinion generally means a second doctor who has reasonable degree of experience who is going to study the medical history along with other information to have an idea about the treatment plan. A research suggests that when you have a second opinion the results are bound to alter at a considerable level.


As far as the valve replacement surgery evolves it is undertaken under the influence of general anaesthesia and it would go on to take about 5 hours at the most.  As an open surgery this procedure is undertaken. The surgeon is going to make a long incision along your breastbone. With a rib spreader you are going to open the chest and access to the heart is provided. You then insert the tubes into the open blood vessels along with the heart which is then attached to a bypass machine. The moment it is turned on blood is diverted on to the machine which is away from the heart. So the surgeon can go on to conduct the operation without much heart loss. The defective heart is removed and then replaced with an artificial one.

The valves can be mechanical which is manmade or incorporated from tissues. The course of the surgery would depend upon the extend of the heart disease and the surgeon would go on to discuss it with you.

Expected results

The outcomes of heart valve replacement surgery are exceptional and positive results can be expected from the same. Most of the patients who undergo this surgery are expected to return back to their normal activities within a short frame of time. At the same time the quality of life improves as you are not going to face any breathing or fainting spells.

The patient would be connected to the ventilator once the surgery is over and then headed over to the ICU. They need to be under constant observation between 24 to 48 hours. Once from the ICU the patient will be moved over to the ward for complete recovery. They are going to have heart monitors, chest drains and a catheter attached. If a patient has a mechanical valve they need to have blood thinning medicines and be part of regular blood tests for the rest of their life. To a certain degree you are going to experience a degree of discomfort once the surgery is over.

How long the heart valve replacement surgery is going to last?

On an average a heart valve replacement would serve you for around 7 to 9 years. On the other side the average lifespan of tissue replacement which means using your own or animal tissue would last between 10 to 15 years.

Do you consider the heart valve replacement surgery to be a dangerous one? Is it serious?

Yes no denying the fact that it is a serious form of surgery. But at the same time it is one of the most frequented types of surgeries with a higher success rate. Potential complications would mean risk in terms of anaesthesia, infection or kidney failure to name a few.

What is the duration of the heart valve replacement surgery?

The duration may vary but on an average it will not exceed 6 hours to be precise.

Do you consider heart valve replacement surgery to be a replacement for open heart surgery?

Yes it can be considered in that manner.

India a one stop destination for all your medical needs?

Of later India has gone on to create new benchmarks in the domain of medical tourism. A lot could be attributed to the emergence of quality hospitals in this regard. Most of them do offer the best in terms of facilities that you can compare to the best of the world. Another value addition is the best surgeons of the country do practice here. Coupled with the fact that there are no waiting lists in the hospital. You are admitted on one day and the surgery is undertaken in the next couple of days.