When in Rome – Visit The Top Attractions

Few cities are as full of ancient monuments and inspiring sights of the past as Rome is. It is a testament to all those who have lived in the city throughout the centuries that there is still so much to see and appreciate in the 21st century.

But which sights of ancient Rome are unmissable? Which ones will keep coming back to mind even when your holiday is over and you have returned home?

One of the most famous sights of all is of course the Colosseum. This is an amphitheatre and is situated between the Parco Ninfeo di Nerone and the Parco di Traiano. If you have seen photos of the Colosseum before your visit, you might be surprised to see that it isn’t circular. It is actually an ellipsis – otherwise known as egg shaped.

This is where the Roman gladiators would have fought, providing a show for the thousands of people who crammed into the seating area of the arena. You can of course go inside the Colosseum itself to get a better idea of what those people would have seen thousands of years ago.

But while the Colosseum does garner a lot of attention, there are other equally stunning Roman buildings still standing around the city. A classic if somewhat eerie example of this is surely the majestic Roman Forum.

Even though this stands in ruins a short distance to the north west of the Colosseum, it still manages to captivate the imagination. Pictures do not do it justice – it is only when you stand close to one of the tall columns forming what would have been one of the key parts of the Forum, that you realise how big the entire site is.

Furthermore it consists of more than one building. There are more than half a dozen temples, three basilicas and several arches in total. This makes the Roman Forum a fascinating gateway into the past, and one that should definitely be seen.

Finally there is the Pantheon. This translates into ‘All The Gods’ from the words ‘pan theos’, so it is an apt name for a Roman building that has survived to the modern day remarkably intact. Perhaps the Gods it speaks of had a hand in that fact?

The entire building is quite stunning, but it is the front of the structure with the eight pillars perfectly placed one beside the other that really draws the attention.

There are so many Roman buildings and landmarks in Rome that it doesn’t matter which of the many Rome hotels you stay in. Wherever you are you won’t be far away from the stunning sights of ancient Rome that have lasted to the present day.

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