Where to Go in Touring Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is certainly a place to visit. You will not believe how many historical sites and beautiful attractions the state has. It is an all-around tourist spot since it also has many recreational and cultural attractions as well. It is a place for anyone coming from any age bracket.

Boston remains to be one of the most historical cities in the country. It is known for being the “Cradle of Liberty” because of its very important role during the American Revolutions. It is also called the “Athens of America” because it has a very rich cultural and intellectual background.

If you were to visit Boston, here are the places that you should not miss:

Boston Public Garden – This is a beautiful and peaceful garden in the very heart of the city. Adults and children alike would surely enjoy the wide, serene surroundings in this calm park.

Samuel Adams Brewery – This is a brewery that is often open for tasting and tours. Beer fans will enjoy the chance of how beer is actually brewed. Since the Samuel Adams Brewery is one of the oldest in the country, the tour gives a deep insight into the history of Boston business.

USS Constitution – Active-duty sailors themselves would guide you in a very interesting tour at the “Old Ironsides.” This is a perfect tour for American history fanatics. The USS Constitution is actually the oldest commissioned ship in the history of the US Navy and proved to have never been defeated in battle in its lifetime. Even non-enthusiasts would enjoy the tour very much.

Boston Harbor Islands National Park – This waterfront park is amazingly composed of 34 islets in the center of Boston Harbor. The park is a perfect family destination because of the many things each family member can do there. They can enjoy activities like hiking, walking and mountain biking. The scenery is simply breathtaking so that a Boston visit is simply not complete without visiting this park.

Fenway Park – The Fenway Park is famous for the Boston Red Sox baseball games held there. It is a historical baseball park that is still being used upto this day.

Martha’s Vineyard – is famous for the virgin beauty of its beaches and 6 unique towns. It has its own set of tourist attractions so that a visit to Martha’s Vineyard is an entire vacation in itself.

Boston is an interesting place to visit, especially for every American. The spots to check out are full of charm, history and beauty, all rolled into one. There simply is no use delaying a visit to this wonderful city.

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