Who gets the custody of the child while the divorce is pending? 

Although it is necessary to know who gets the custody of the child after divorce, it is equally necessary to determine who gets custody during the process. Since divorce affects the entire family, this decision can be hard and tiring for the kid. If your child is a minor, they may not be given the authority to make the decision. However, if the child is major, they may get the authority. Who gets the custody of the child during the divorce procedure entirely depends on the decision of you and your child. 

Negotiate the terms

Most of the divorces can get extremely tiring, and there is no way of reconciliation. Also, most of the divorce cases are acceptable with the spouses being able to make decisions on their sensibilities. If you disagree alimony, property, and child support, make sure to make decisions that will be in everyone’s favor. In such situations, you are expected to solve the problems mutually. 

If you are ever stuck in the disagreement situation, you need to get in a temporary custody arrangement. If you have already decided the permanent custody, make sure to follow the terms in case of temporary ones as well. However, make sure to take a say of the kids in every decision you make. The preference of the child will highly affect the situation. 

Request for a temporary order

You may want your spouse to get out of the way in situations. If you want to share custody, you can reach out to your respective attorneys to seek the temporary order. As a result, your attorney would file for a Request for Order. This will enable you to get a temporary order as per your agreements b

You can consult the Provo divorce attorney about the process to understand how it works. However, in every child custody case, the interest of the child matters a lot. Hence, you should prefer taking a decision accordingly.