Who is Peter Powderham?

Peter Powderham has over thirty years experience in the Network Marketing/ MLM Industry. He has proved his success by making millions, owning homes in Florida as well as the UK and creating his own financial freedom, all in his mid forties.

Having started out as an honest Police Officer in London, Peter Powderham, went on to gain his Diploma in Company Direction with the Institute of Directors. This led him and his wife to become the leading distributors with the largest Network Marketing Company in the world, Tiscali which is now Talk Talk.

So how did he get to where he is now?

Following his initial success with Tiscali, Peter went onto become the chief operating officer/MD of five UK based Network Marketing Companies, two of which are the largest in Europe.

Peter Powderham has many qualifications that make him credible within the Network Marketing Industry. He is a master distributor of three MLM companies and has been an MLM corporate Officer for nine years. Realising the potential of global links, Peter often writes for the Networking Times in the USA, as well as featuring in numerous industry publications and appearing in a UK TV interview on the BBC. He is also a consultant to companies wanting to launch into Europe and Worldwide.

And now Peter Powderham is making his mark in the $8 trillion travel industry with a US company called WorldVentures. This company has been launched in the UK since early 2010. And with the help of Peter and his team this has already made a huge impact on this business.

So who is Peter Powderham? Now you know!

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