Why Learn to Speak Chinese? Your Career Will Benefit

Since China is now fast becoming one of the super power nations in the world, it is only natural to want to learn to speak in Chinese in order to remain globally competitive today. Note that China right now is the second largest economy in the world which means that there are numerous opportunities that you can acquire career-wise if you can speak the Chinese language. If you try to learn Chinese and you succeed in being able to speak it fluently, then you will have a huge economic advantage in this ever-growing and competitive world of business.

Nobel Prize Winner Robert Mundell has stated that China is quickly becoming very advanced in technology which gives them tremendous influence when dealing with powerful nations such as the United States. At present time, China has become one of the largest trading partners of the US wherein more than 16,000 US companies sell products in China and and of course China sells US products. Aside from being known as the factory of the world where many of the products are built; Unlike in the beginning the Chinese are designing their own products. Just note that if you do decide to take up Chinese, choose Mandarin since this gives you more edge business-wise; plus it is the most commonly used Chinese language in the world

To add to that, 1/5th of the world’s population lives in China. This means that if you decide to learn to speak Chinese, you can definitely bump into someone with whom you can communicate with – it does not matter where in the world you are. Remember too, that there are many “China-towns” all across the world and these can be found in places and tourist destinations such as New York and San Francisco. You will never have a lack of people to practice with since there are native Chinese speakers all over the world.

With regards to being the most dominant economy in Asia, China is definitely at the top spot. To date, some of the countries that have a large Chinese speaking population would include Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It has also been pointed out in the CIA fact book that the countries of Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia use Chinese as one of their principal languages.

As you learn to speak Chinese you will also learn what makes their culture so diverse; its people and customs. It also connects you to history and gives you an idea on how civilization was in the past which allows you to have a better understanding of the present. Moreover, the Chinese culture is so rich in tradition and has so many interesting beliefs that are still being applied today such as Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Furthermore, China has also contributed a lot in the area of the arts, education, health and well-being; technology, medicine, and science.

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