Why Step Lifts are the Perfect Solution for Wheelchair Access

Just a few steps, or even a single one, can be an inconvenience for a wheelchair user. However, when there are steps between two different levels, a ramp isn’t always the most appropriate solution to make it more accessible. Step lifts can provide a better solution for people who want to be able to move between levels independently.

Step lifts are suitable for both home and commercial use, making excellent space-saving solutions that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It could be the right choice to make your home more comfortable or to extend accessibility for your business, school or other organisation.

A Great Alternative to Ramps

Step lifts offer a practical alternative to ramps, which don’t always work out as the best solution, even though they might seem the most affordable. Ramps can only be so steep because wheelchair users need to be able to propel themselves up them. When a ramp is needed to circumvent several steps, this often means that it needs to be long and winding to offer the right level of steepness. There isn’t always enough space for this type of ramp, making a ramp a less suitable option. A step lift can save space, taking up only a small amount of space in front of the steps.

They’re Safe and Reliable

Step lifts provide a safe and reliable option for getting up steps, whether it’s one, two, three, or perhaps more. There’s no need to worry about falling down a ramp when it’s as simple as moving onto the lift’s platform and operating the controls to move up to the higher level. Safety barriers prevent a wheelchair from sliding off, combined with the chair’s brake. A gate offers a barrier at the back of the lift, and all lifts are built to industry safety standards. Step lifts can move up to 1m in height, which makes them reliable options for several steps.

They’re Cost-effective

A step lift is an affordable option to improve accessibility for homes and businesses. More complicated lift styles aren’t necessarily for moving up a step or two, and a step lift gets the job done with a minimum amount of fuss. In fact, a step lift can often be a more affordable option than a wheelchair ramp because it can be installed so easily. A ramp might require permanent structural changes, which take time and money to put in place.

They are Easy to Use Independently

Being able to operate a step lift independently is a significant benefit of these accessible solutions. There’s no need to call a member of staff to help or have a friend or family member available to operate the lift for you if you are capable of doing it yourself. The controls are simple and easy to use once on the lift platform. Bridging steps can be provided to ensure access for everyone too.

Wheelchair access shouldn’t be difficult. With a step lift, anyone using a wheelchair can get themselves between two different levels at their home or out in public.

Sheri Croll Author