Why to choose Romania

Romania is a country located in Southeastern Central Europe, in Balkan Peninsula and, it’s also U.E. member, the capital is Bucharest. In this country, is located the biggest part of Danube Delta the central and southern Carpathian Mountains. Also here we find a great variety of relief units, and some of the most beautiful landscapes of this part of Europe. Each part of relief combine one with another. Mountains, hills, forests, plains, Black Sea, ancient cities are all in this country.

Bucharest – is the largest city in Romania. This city has many tourist attractions, such as: National Museum of Romanian Peasant, Natural History Museum “Grigore Antipa”, People House – the second largest administrative building in the world for civilian use,Cismigiu Garden, National Theatre and the Royal Palace that are some few of the tourist attractions of Bucharest.

Peles Castle – from Sinaia, is a major tourist landmark in the Prahova Valley. Peles Castle has 160 rooms and a central tower with a height of 66 meters. The castle is a museum where we can find objects of art, armor and other valuable antique.

Corvin’s Castle – was built in the fourteenth century, is an imposing building which is located in Hunedoara, with high roof, windows and towers, the castle has changed over time. Capistrano Tower is one of the most important parts of  this construction.

Bran Castle – is an historic monument, located 30 kilometers from Brasov. Considered Dracula’s castle, though Vlad Tepes never lived here. This castle reprezent a turist atraction.

Palatul Brukenthal – is one of the most important Baroque monuments in Romania. Is located in Sibiu, it was the official residence of Baron Brukenthal.

Putna Monastery – is located in Suceava, in Putna village. Stefan cel Mare was founder in XVth century. Here we find a major museum of the monastery manuscripts.

Danube Delta –  is one of the most beautiful landscape in Europe, there are unique species and endangered. This place is UNESCO heritage in 1991, as a biosphere reserve. Here we find the largest area covered with reeds in the world.

Romanian seaside – has a length of 245 kilometers and also has an average temperature of 24 ° C. Shore is uniform, and has a width of about 150-200 meters. Here we find many places of all kinds: hotels, guesthouses or villas. Most important resorts are: Mamaia, Costinesti, Neptun, Venus and Mangalia.

The lake Sf Ana – is the only lake of volcanic origin in Europe, situated at an altitude of 946 meters in the Grand Massif Ciumatul. Lake was formed on the bottom of an extinct volcano crater.  The area was declared a nature reserve.

Scarişoara Cave –  is the largest underground glacier from Romania. Scarişoara cave is located in Alba county.

Bears Cave – was discovered in 1975, it is one of the main attractions of the Apuseni Mountains. Bears Cave is located in Bihor county.

That’s why I choose Romania

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