Will Jelqing Make My Penis Bigger? 2 Proven Facts About Exercise & Penis Enlargement

Will jelqing make my penis bigger? Do penis enlargement exercises work? And if they do, which ones are the best for FAST gains I can really notice in a hurry? Any of these questions sound familiar? If they do……you are probably a lot like I was when I first started researching male enlargement techniques a few short years ago! The simple fact is, with so many different products, promotions, ads, offers and websites promising HUGE improvements in size…..very little really works as advertised. The good news? Jelqing is one of those things that does!

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Men have been jelqing successfully for a VERY long time. Men from just about every culture, continent and even centuries in human history have used natural enhancement exercise to get sensational size improvements that have defied the skeptics who have said it wasn’t possible. The fact is, even today, there are tens of thousands of ordinary men, right now, getting EXTRAORDINARY gains from natural enhancement exercises. And specifically, more than any other, jelqing remains the most popular exercise for small men who want super size.

How Jelqing Works is simple……..

2 ways. 1 is that it drives more blood to and through the corpora cavernosa, which is the primary penile chamber and the area of your anatomy that is MOST critical to erection size and strength.

But the second way, which most men simply DON’T understand, is that jelqing stimulates “tougher tissue” by causing the spongy tissue in the penis to break down, and re-grow thicker, due to cell division, and a whole bunch of biological processes I’d be lying to tell you I fully understand. (what I do know from personal experience is that it works… and that’s the important part of the message that EVERY man can grasp)

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Several clinical studies in 2009, done by Urologists in Europe, for the very first time, gave scientific credibility to the idea of male enhancement exercise, and jelqing in particular. Very simply, men who used PE exercises and medical grade extenders were studied for permanent gains in penis size, and the results were resoundingly positive for both. (with extension devices being a bit better in overall improvements….but ONLY because they were worn ALL day, and cost hundreds of dollars to boot!)

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