You Can Now Enjoy Vegas As a Family – Plan a Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just a destination for high rollers and party goers. There are many attractions for the entire family. The entertainment is not limited to the strip. There are many things that will interest the entire family both in the city limits of Vegas and in the surrounding areas. In this article, I would like to illuminate for you just a few of things you can enjoy doing as a family on your next visit to Las Vegas.

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First, Downtown Las Vegas has been redone and offers many fun shopping and dining experiences. A large roof has been built over the street and in the evening there is a wonderful laser light show with music that people of all ages can enjoy.

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Secondly, all of the large hotels have wonderful pool areas that have many activities and water attractions for kids. If you were to choose Mandalay Bay it is a mini water park. It has a wave pool, a lazy river, and numerous slides. All activities that will keep the kids busy while mom and dad sun bathe.

Third, if coasters and fast rides are your kids thing. Many of them can be found in on top of and in back of the major hotels. Vegas is like a mini amusement park. These rides run day and night for the pleasure of your kids.

Fourth, Lake Meade is a short drive from Vegas were you and your family can see one off this nations modern wonders, Hoover Dam. You can boat around the lake or sign up for one of the many interesting and exciting Dam tours. If you are in Vegas and have never made the trip to Lake Meade I suggest you don’t miss it on your next trip. It is something you and your kids will never forget.

Fifth, Red Rock Canyon and Park is something very worthwhile for you and your children to visit. It is a few minute short drive from the strip, but when you arrive you will think you must have been driving for hours. The scenery is to die for. Beautiful large red rock formations with all kinds of natural vegetation. There are also some wild donkeys and if you are lucky you can get to see them. There is also a small nature preserve that is great for kids. That has a park ranger to answer your questions.

Lastly, so when planning your next family don’t take Vegas off your list because you think it is not a place to take kids. The entire family will have a wonderful time.

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