Zambia And Its Tourist Attractions

Zambia lies in the southern part of Africa and it is bordered by Namibia, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Angola and Tanzania. It covers an area of 752,614 square kilometers and it has a population of about 11,261,795 people. This country experiences cool and dry temperature from May to August and hot and dry season from September to November. The warm and wet season is between December and April. Lusaka is the capital city and also the central province of Zambia. It is densely populated with people from different ethnic groups. Unemployment is one of the challenges faced by most people hence causing poverty to many families.

Victoria Falls is the most attractive site in the country. David Livingstone was the first European to discover these falls and named them in honor of his Queen in 1855. The Victoria Falls is about 1,700m and drains its water into River Zambezi. The sound of the thundering water falling over the Falls is spectacular and can be heard from miles away. The falling of these huge waterfalls forms clouds of thin mist which can be seen from afar. Victoria Falls and River Zambezi are located in Zambezi National Park which covers an area of 56,000 acres. A visit to this park will include game viewing of animals such as hippos, elephants, lion, warthog and the crocodiles. Other activities will include water rafting, bungee jumping, plane flights over the falls and canoeing. This park has about four hundred and fifty bird species.

Lake Kariba is the largest man-made lake in Africa and the second in the world. It is situated in the southern border of the country. This lake is about two hundred and eighty kilometers long and forty kilometers at its widest point. Livingstone town is situated near Victoria Falls and started with the completion of the railway bridge across the Zambezi after the early settlers were relocated to the railway line. This town is a tourist center to all visitors touring the Victoria Falls and its surroundings. A visit to this town will include touring Livingstone Museum which is the oldest in the country. It is a museum full of collections and exhibitions on history, archaeology, ethnography and branches of natural history.

Capital is a small town located on sandy land at the Eastern Provence of Zambia and it is famous for fueling stations. There are various attractive sites in this town for instance the Central Mosque which is the most beautiful structure in the town. Other sites include Kunjara Hill and Kuramba where festivals are held. Ndola town is famous for fast food restaurants and also good accommodation for visitors. There is also one screen movie theatre available and tourists can watch movies in English.

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